Legal Advice

If you are under caution and about to be interviewed, ask to consult a duty solicitor (which is free) BEFORE saying anything.

If you are within reach of London, try Myles Jackman on 07791 436 100 who has considerable experience with the extreme image law.

If you are a duty solicitor in a custody suite under immediate pressure, ask for an NSPIS print.

If you are a solicitor who is not yet familiar with this new and untested law, these pages explain the extreme image law, the defences, definitions and processes the police are likely to use.

As case history develops Backlash will collate all relevant data and precedents in one place, in an attempt to ensure use of the law sticks to what parliament intended.

The same resources are available to an individual, policy maker or journalist researching possible implications, for whom the site also explains how the law came into existence.