Workplace Discrimination & Family Law

For a number of reasons Backlash has become a trusted friend within the BDSM community.
Occasionally people have approached us for advice in connection with workplace discrimination or
family law concerns and we help where we can.

Workplace discrimination

We have been approached on a number of occasions where an employer has found out about the
private BDSM lifestyle activities of an employee and that employer has sought to dismiss the person.
Typically this happens where a BDSM practitioner has been outed for malicious reasons.
In most instances it is best to seek the advice of a Trade Union representative but we have
occasionally helped people who face discrimination in the workplace. If resources permit we can
obtain specialist employment law advice and occasionally we have helped employees defend their
right to employment where they face discrimination.
If you face discrimination at work because of your BDSM lifestyle please do contact us. Our
resources are limited, but we may be able to offer practical advice and help.

Family Law

We have also been approached for advice where the BDSM lifestyle of a separated partner has
become an excuse to prevent access to children. If you face discrimination within family law please
do contact us. Again we may be able to obtain specialist advice or provide practical help.