A Freedom too far

No Freedom for Sexual Freedom

Released 11 February 2011

The Coalition’s Protection of Freedoms Bill published today shows up Liberal inability to make really extensive changes in rolling back Labour’s many new laws curtailing civil liberties.

Sexual freedom of expression is evidently a freedom too far.

Section 63 of the CJIA 2008, the so called extreme images law, will not be repealed. This despite it being in the top ten of Civil Liberties laws voted for repeal in the online consultation exercise in 2010, and opposed by Liberals in Parliament when originally enacted.

Backlash research, to be made public shortly, will show that s63 offences are several hundred percent higher than projected by the then government when the law, based merely on a hunch and moralistic shudder, was whipped through Parliament.

Backlash, (1) the sexual civil liberties organisation fighting a growing number of legal cases for incorrect prosecutions, said “Most lawyers don’t understand this law and advise their clients to plead guilty.”

“Already there have been too many miscarriages of justice(2,3,4) and ruined lives(5) that result from this ill-conceived, insufficiently researched, ineptly written and incompetently prosecuted (6) law.”

“This law is a waste of valuable legal aid and police resources. It should be repealed. We will continue to lobby for repeal during the passage of this Bill”.


Notes for editors

(1) Backlash http://www.backlash.org.uk/ is an umbrella organisation providing legal, academic and campaigning resources defending freedom of sexual expression.

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For further information, or for interview, please contact:

Myles Jackman on myles@backlash-uk.org.uk