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Employment-based censorship

Via Sarah AB at Harry’s Place and BenSix, we learn of a case of a man being demoted for posting a comment on Facebook opposing gay marriage. There may be more details in the story that have gone unreported relating to something more justifiably akin to misconduct. But if this […]


Fear of the Imaginary

A common theme in sex censorship legislation is the desire, or at least willingness, to stamp out depictions of fictional events. For example, the anti-pornography provisions in the recent Coroners and Justice Bill were first mooted because of a loophole that was being exploited in some child protection legislation. Some […]


Facebook and the closing of the digital mind

While Governments can use the force of law to stifle expression on the Internet, they are far from the only threat to free speech. Tim Berners-Lee, one of the original creators of the World Wide Web, highlights the increasing use of closed Internet architecture, spearheaded by companies like Facebook and […]