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Pandora / Blake on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour

On February 11, 2019, Pandora / Blake, independent porn producer and spokesperson for Backlash, spoke on Woman’s hour to debate the implications of the the Crown Prosecution Service’s decision to liberalise the guidelines for interpreting the Obscene Publications with Prof. Rosa Freedman (University of Reading). You can listen to the […]


Obscenity law liberalised

This is a cross-post from my contribution to the Adam Smith Institute blog. Last week the Crown Prosecution Service published updated guidance for prosecutions under the Obscene Publications Act (1959). Legal campaigning has brought about a big change: the liberal tests of harm, consent and legality of real acts are […]


‘Rape porn’ ban would not close any supposed loophole

Myles Jackman, legal adviser to Backlash, has written a forensic analysis of the case for banning rape porn for Lexis®PSL Crime, reproduced on his blog. Here is a key section: How do the Government’s proposals fit in with the law on the possession of extreme pornography?  In brief: they don’t. […]