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Major political parties fail to halt mass criminalisation of young people

Civil liberties campaign opposes labelling teen ‘sexters’ as sex offenders A politically charged moral panic over young people’s attitudes to sexuality is leading to Internet censorship and the labelling of ordinary young people as sex offenders, civil liberties campaign Backlash warns today. Backlash will campaign for a change in the […]


Myles Jackman – new website launch

Myles Jackman, solicitor advocate and legal adviser to Backlash, has launched a new website dedicated to advice on sexual freedom and the law. Jackman has frequently provided pro bono work for individuals caught up in laws regulating sex acts, and their depictions, between consenting adults. He also has expertise advising […]


Man criminalised for offensive tweet

Via Charlotte Gore, Jack of Kent reports that Paul Chambers has been found guilty under the Communications Act 2003 for messaging a somewhat bad taste joke about blowing up an airport from his twitter account. He has received a large fine, a criminal record and lost his job. The case […]