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Guardian: Sexting could see teenagers branded as sex offenders

Damien Gayle covers Backlash’s warning that ‘criminalising 16- to 18-year-olds for sending explicit pictures to one another shows how disconnected the political establishment is from changes to technology and social values’. Read his article here    


Plebgate: blame the laws, not Mitchell or the police

A nasty sting to the incident that forced Andrew Mitchell to resign from the Cabinet was that he swore at a police officer, and that members of the public could easily expect to be arrested for such behaviour. By not being arrested on the spot, Mitchell was already being shown […]


‘Extreme porn’ found on phone

A Sunderland man has admitted possession of a short video clip of male genital mutilation on his mobile phone. He was warned that he could have faced a jail sentence had he forwarded the image along to anyone else. The clip was sent to him by a friend. This is […]