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Itziar Urrutia, aka Ms Tytania: Sexual Freedom Award winner

“One person sticking out in the crowd is a lone, ranting lunatic; two are a movement.” – Anon. On November 9th, I was presented with the Sex Worker of the Year Award, at the 2015 Sexual Freedom Awards ceremony. You can find out more abut the Awards’ history and also, […]


Banning sex work: the non-evidence base

Activists are gearing up a campaign to ban sex work in Scotland, with the explicit intention of protecting women engaging in sex work. Laura Lee has an enlightening account of the Conference Against Human Trafficking held in Glasgow. She was one of only two sex worker advocates to attend, and disagrees […]


Deadly silencing

The tragic deaths in recent weeks of Gareth Williams and Kristian Digby show the tremendous human costs that are associated with the culture of shame surrounding alternative sexual practices. According to some reports, Williams had a fetishistic interest in claustrophilia (an erotic response to enclosed spaces) while Digby engaged in […]