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Sex, Lies and Porn Statistics

Zombie statistics staked through the heart. Honest truth from the Ministry of Truth. Read Unity’s forensic querying Quote: There are no clear or accurate statistics on the amount of porn that’s out there on the internet or on how many internet searches are made that are looking for porn or […]


Banning sex work: the non-evidence base

Activists are gearing up a campaign to ban sex work in Scotland, with the explicit intention of protecting women engaging in sex work. Laura Lee has an enlightening account of the Conference Against Human Trafficking held in Glasgow. She was one of only two sex worker advocates to attend, and disagrees […]


Doing the stats on unpopular law

The previous Government no doubt tabled the extreme pornography measures expecting wide popular approval. There was a recent court case that seemed to demonstrate its risks, and a fifty-thousand vote petition condemning violence against women and the pornography which ‘promoted’ it. A clear vote-winner, surely. But from the outset, the […]