The Sun proclaims free expression!

Via Mr Eugenides and Guy Fawkes, we learn that The Sun today has taken a sudden stand on freedom of expression. Page 3 girl, Poppy, even quotes some John Locke (please note, this linked page contains some nudity, as you would expect). They claim that if the Tories do not […]


UKIP politician removed for filming sex games

Via liberal conspiracy, we learn that a UKIP politician in Liverpool has been suspended for making a number of amateur films with themes of sexual violence. Whether the films could be considered explicit enough to be deemed ‘extreme porn’ is not mentioned. There is no indication of police involvement in […]


Stephen Guest – The right to obscene thoughts

On Tuesday 8th December 2009, Professor Stephen Guest at the UCL Faculty of Laws, gave a speech opposing the recent ban on the possession of extreme pornography. He argues that genuine freedom of expression requires the protection of all manner of thought, including the obscene. The video of his lecture […]


“Right-wing” feminism

Laurie Penny at Liberal Conspiracy has a report on a successful protest held at the Stonewall awards which had nominated  Julie Bindel for “Journalist of the Year” (don’t worry, she didn’t win). Bindel’s comments against transsexuals remind us that even radical lesbians beneath a Guardian masthead can be surprisingly bigoted […]


Is kink the new canary in the coal mine?

Guy Herbert of NO2ID has a short post on Samizdata highlighting the government’s fresh assault on civil liberty: free political expression on the internet. This is, of course, a natural development after successfully implementing the Dangerous Pictures Act. The more intelligent amongst our government and bureaucracy are probably aware that […]

slide to be nationalised?

The net could be closing in! The Register reports that the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR), whose value in promoting business generally seems fairly opaque, has written to the not-for-profit company Nominet, asking it to justify its independence. The question should be reversed. What justification is there […]


Not a victim, not a perpetrator

Last weekend, the Libertarian Alliance conference featured one particularly broad platform offering three perspectives on liberty, ranging from the arch-conservative Sean Gabb to the leftwing James Panton. The discussion revealed plenty of healthy disagreement on the proper future of liberty in the United Kingdom but there was a surprising level […]