“Right-wing” feminism

Laurie Penny at Liberal Conspiracy has a report on a successful protest held at the Stonewall awards which had nominated  Julie Bindel for “Journalist of the Year” (don’t worry, she didn’t win). Bindel’s comments against transsexuals remind us that even radical lesbians beneath a Guardian masthead can be surprisingly bigoted when presented with a sexuality that doesn’t perfectly fit their world view. It a great shame that this strand of intolerant feminism is helping to keep transphobia entrenched, even though it is transsexuals whose appearance often marks them out the most amongst alternative lifestyles. It is this same strand of feminism, of course, that has helpfully offered the government some dubious intellectual justification for the Dangerous Pictures Act.  It ought to be surprising to see supposedly radical feminists falling in with the moralising wing of the Conservatives and the puritan element within the Labour party, but when you see Bindel’s attitude on the trans issue, the real picture is clear for all to see.