Index on Censorship: Criminalising Kink

Jonathan Lindsell provides an excellent overview of recent moves to extend the extreme pornography ban and other attempts to stifle freedom of sexual expression by the current Government. Backlash is quoted as follows:

[C]ampaigners contend the draft law’s language is too ambiguous. A policy researcher from anti-censorship organisation Backlash argues: “The law will cover much more than the legislators imagine or intend.” Passing this law as an appendage in a “bumper bill (that includes) lots of legitimate concerns – a radical overhaul of probation and legal aid – (means this) very delicate matter isn’t getting appropriate democratic oversight”.

Backlash legal adviser, Myles Jackman, also discusses the problems with the proposed amendment:

Solicitor Myles ‘ObscenityLawyer’ Jackman, who represented Walsh, highlights the dangerous subjectivity of judging pornography “realistic”, plus the “absence of any evidence proving…a causal link” between such material and Cameron’s “normalise(d) sexual violence against women”.