Opposition to censorship from left to right and everywhere else

“Currently, the BBFC bans video featuring female ejaculation. It seems ludicrous that in 2014, we could be criminalising people who record and distribute video of a healthy anatomical event” – D H Kelly, The F Word

“Why anyone in their right mind would hand any more power to the state over what they can see is utterly beyond me. If feminists think that government has women’s interests at heart, they are deluded. Most of what we all find immoral is already illegal, and it can’t be made any more illegal.” – Suzanne Moore, the Guardian

“I have never read a set of rules, not even the changes to legal aid, that so flagrantly omitted to discuss principles with the people to whom they would apply. Functionally, the regulations kick in only when you are contacted by ATVOD, asking you to apply to be registered with them. If you refuse, they shut you down, and if you accede, you then have to abide by their rules.” – Zoe Williams, the Guardian. See full interview (note: explicit images) with Itziar Bilbao Urrutia on her website.

“It’s a textbook case of something we should have been rid of by now – the bureaucratic moral panic about something harmless, flimsily justified by an appeal to protect children. A closed-door body has banned something they think anyone will be ashamed to defend – they assume that because they think it is wrong and “immoral”, everyone else does too. Although if anyone could explain the rationale for depictions of female ejaculation being “immoral” or “dangerous”, while leaving the male equivalent legal, I’d be amazed.” –  Willard Foxton, the Telegraph

The UK now has some of the most draconian laws on the production of porn in Europe. Mary Whitehouse might smile approvingly from beyond the grave, but for today’s warm-blooded Brits this is a real kick in the nuts.” – Charlotte Bowyer , Adam Smith Institute