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What the BDSM community can teach us about consent

The Metro has just published a piece on What the BDSM community can teach us about consent, interviewing Backlash spokesperson Blake. ‘This idea that consent is a contract is really pernicious,’ Blake says. ‘Consent is revocable and ongoing, and being encouraged to change your mind is necessary for consent. By saying …read more →


Consent workshop in London – Getting and Giving What We Want

Have you ever said yes when you meant no, or no when you meant yes? This event is for you. Backlash is producing a new consent workshop as part of our ongoing efforts to protect adult consent, especially in the BDSM and sex positive communities. Getting and Giving What We …read more →


Developing a consent culture

Guest post by Emily Rape. Sexual abuse. What distinguishes those two horrific things from sex – generally accepted to be one of the most enjoyable pastimes available to us? It’s consent. Consent is vital. Consent is key. Meaningful consent is what makes the difference between sex, and sexual abuse. And …read more →