The International Union of Sex Workers

The International Union of Sex Workers has become one of Backlash’s supporting organisations. Here is their statement in our support.

The International Union of Sex Workers strongly supports Backlash’s campaign against the proposed legislation against ‘violent’ porn. The proposed changes would scapegoat consenting adults while doing little to lessen the real threats of violence in society.

The proposed legislation breaches the Human Rights Act in ways that parallel the situation with existing laws on sex work. The new law would promote and encourage ignorance, in same way as current sex work laws do, with the greater potential for harm that such ignorance brings.

The proposed legislation has been formed around moral judgements, rather than on any basis of fact or proof of harm. Like anti-prostitution legislation, it has been prepared without consultation with those actually involved.

We strongly believe the State has no business interfering with the private lives of consenting adults, and stand with Backlash against this legislation.

Prime Minister conflicted

…. there are areas in which the State, or the
community, no longer has a role or, if it does have
one, it is a role that is completely different. It is
not for the State to tell people that they cannot
choose a different lifestyle, for example in issues to
do with sexuality.