Backlash audited Income and Expenditure for financial years ending 31 October 2011

£ 2010 2011
Income 3,830 200

Legal 3,512 0
Admin 271 189

Net contribution 47 11
Interest 9 2

Net Surplus 56 13


Backlash expenditure tends to be lumpy, because most cases in which we are involved are covered by Legal Aid.

But on occasion Backlash intervenes in a process which does not attract legal aid. An example was the infamous Tiger case – where Backlash intervened to have a guilty plea vacated – and in those circumstances we need to meet the legal costs of solicitors and/or barristers, until the point is reached which attracts legal aid again.

2012 looks like being one of those intervention years. As at May 2012 Backlash had received further funds and had £2.2k in the bank earmarked for pending cases.

Backlash also plans to widen its remit. There is a need to be able to become involved in cases of “collateral damage” where allegedly extreme images had played some part and then had further consequences, for instance under the OPA or on employment prospects.

Fresh funds will need to be raised for this wider remit.