Social Workers – call for help

Backlash needs help. We were approached for advice about images on a computer and mobile seized by the police, arising from actions by someone other than the owner. This is a case of “collateral damage”.

The original issue has been resolved satisfactorily.

However, because they are a social worker, client safeguarding procedures kick in and have caused the employer to start formal disciplinary procedures.

In essence this Council have said they must decide if attending a private club where violence is undertaken is compatible with a social worker’s code of conduct. They appear to accept there is no indication bdsm activities have affected professional judgement, nor that this individual has behaved in any way other than an intensely private manner. There are no strange aspects. No grounds for criticism other than private participation in bdsm, no involvement with clients, no publicity, no breach of employee conditions, no need to rely on unorthodox arguments.

The code in question is that of the General Social Care Council. The GSCC publish all their disciplinary decisions, which take place after an individual Council’s own process. But of the 248 cases in the last 5 years, 33 elected to have their GSCC hearing in private. Consequently only their names, decision and the date of the decision are available, not the details.

A search of the public cases does not throw up any bdsm examples.

Lawyers will of course pursue the usual channels for precedents We are aware of the recent General Teaching Council’s sensible decision. Meanwhile this thread asks if social workers or others working closely with them in the NHS or Police can point to any previous GSCC disciplinary cases involving BDSM that may not be visible.

Please contact us by email to Thanks. Any help is appreciated.

In case they jog memories, below are the cases that lack details.

Andrews Admonishment Nov-10

Arnold Admonishment Aug-07

Caravaca-Lawson Admonishment Jun-10

Doyle Suspension Jun-06

Henderson Unproven Jul-10

Henry Admonishment Nov-10

Huxtable-Paul Admonishment Jun-10

Jones,N Removal Nov-10

Kerr Removal Apr-10

Khan Admonishment Feb-07

Kular Removal Apr-09

Langley Admonishment Jun-10

McTiernan Admonishment Nov-10

Mifsud Admonishment Nov-10

Nia Removal Aug-10

Orlinski Admonishment May-07

Pathak Unproven Oct-10

Perry,John Removal Aug-10

Read Removal Oct-10

Reddy Suspension Mar-10

Rhodes Removal Jan-08

Rowley Admonishment Sep-10

Sadowski Admonishment Jul-10

Sampson Suspension Feb-08

Smart Unproven Feb-10

Stearn Admonishment Dec-07

Thompson Admonishment Jan-07

Todd Dismissed Oct-10

Walker Removal Mar-08

Watkins Suspension Oct-07

Williams Removal Mar-10

Wilson Admonishment Mar-10