Backlash legal adviser Myles Jackman wins Junior Lawyer of the Year

Myles Jackman, a consultant at Hodge Jones Allen solicitors, has won the Law Society’s Junior Lawyer of the Year Award. He has successfully defended a number of individuals charged in obscenity and extreme pornography cases, several of whom initially sought Backlash for advice. The Law Society announced: ‘His work has been instrumental in challenging the legal framework in which sexual morality is represented.’

His work with Backlash has been crucial  to clarifying what English juries consider to be ‘realistic’ and ‘harmful’ depictions of sexually explicit acts. He is also an outspoken critic of extreme pornography legislation, which criminalises the representation of sexual acts between consenting adults that are legal to perform. The law makes illegal depictions of a number of acts that are important personal expressions of adult sexuality. He blogs as Obscenity Lawyer.