Olympic sex trafficking – How was it for you?

A salutory analysis of sex trafficking for the Olympics and the lasting damage evangelists caused.

Much as the extreme images legislation was based on fiction not fact, another fashionable trope du jour blithely ignoring evidence – or lack of – does have real, on the ground, repercussions.

“We are currently picking up the pieces; it is going to take us a long time to restore sex worker faith in institutional support. Where once the relationship between sex worker services and clients was good, it is now broken.”

“Where once sex workers may have felt it possible to report crimes against them to the police, there is now a dangerous and distrustful environment in London with crimes going unreported for fear of unwanted repercussions.”

Read Georgina Perry’s excerpt from a paper to be presented at the October 2012 ‘City Health Conference’ in London, UK www.cityhealth.org.uk